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    I got the iPod to work yesterday! however, for some reason its back in the state it was (stuck in DFU mode). I dont know if a tethered jailbreak has a timer issue but yesterday when it was working was when i tether booted it, and for some reason the screen decided to work too. tell me; does doing a downgrade have any affect on the LCD not displaying anything if something goes wrong? bcuz i also did some research on this issue and i might have a broken iBEC. I never seen this before in my life and im still (even right now as i type this) working on this and trying to restore to iOS 6.1.3 but sometimes that doesnt even work. iTunes claims my cable is bad, gives me error codes 1600, 1618, 3194 (once), 3094(once), -50(once), and thats it so far. This thing is just weird and redsn0w will see that the device is on and working, only ill have no display on the LCD. should i replace the screen? Logic board? what? i would loike some help here.
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