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    Recently, I was trying to reset a lost password for one of my family members on his jailbroken iPod [iPod 4G running 6.1.3 (10B329)]. Using a method I had previously used before on my own iPod, I deleted "keychain-2.db" in var/keychains. This apparently wasn't the right thing to do, as it's now stuck in an infinite boot loop. Now, normally this wouldn't be a problem, but it seems as if this really corrupted the filesystem. Trying to re-jailbreak, booting tethered, or using tinyumbrella's "fix recovery" option all end up heeding error messages. Itunes also cannot restore, as the iPod boots up when restoring. Ifunbox does not detect it.

    Is there any way to access these files while in DFU mode? I have briefly attempted the SSH Ramdisk method, but it opens up with the message:

    INIT FAILED (mux thread)!
    Possible causes:
    iTunes 9 or newer is NOT installed.
    Could not bind to the port 2202 (make sure only one instance is running!)

    To sum this up: I either am looking for a way to fix this error message to put back keychain-2.db in an attempt to stop the loop, or I'm looking for an alternate solution to restore the iPod.
    Thank you in advance.
    2013-11-29 07:30 PM