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    This morning I downloaded a tweek from a new repo I have never used before. After installing it, my iPod resprung,

    When the apple logo apperared it would continue in an infinite bootloop. Infact I couldnt even stop it by holding down the power and home

    It would turn the display off, but it would try to boot seconds later.

    I remember when I was having a problem with Springboard i think it was, the iPod kinda put itself into some kinda safe mode or something

    It allowed me to access Cydia to uninstall the bad tweek, but nothing else.

    I rebooted and everthing was good.

    Is there something I can do, maybe manually through my computer, to get rid of the tweek and reboot?

    Right now, my iPod is dead, out of battery from all the re booting, and im afraid to charge it.

    Let me know what I can do, and thanks. I am running an iPod 4G on the latest firmware, the one before the one that came out a few days ago. 6.x something. Sorry.

    Anyways, thanks.
    2014-03-20 09:44 PM