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    So I'm doing a little mod for my iPod shuffle 2nd generation that should make it appeal to someone a little more...(it will never appeal to me, but once this mod is done, someone in the internet world will want it hopefully so it will be much easier to sell on eBay) anyway, i need to have splitter plugged into the phone with one headphone always plugged in and in the other it needs to be able to take a charge without unplugging the headphone one....but for some reason the shuffle won't charge through the splitter, so is it because the splitter only has 2 lines on the jack and the charger has three and the third is used for charging?? ANy help is greattt!
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    2010-09-07 01:19 AM
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    You lost me at So.
    2011-03-14 10:35 PM
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    Well, since the splitter is designed to "split" the sound that comes out of your iPod (and not record it through the mini-jack on your device), you could probably not use it the other way around (as you say; to plug the power cable in trough the splitter).

    I don't think that you will succeed, 'cause in theory it wouldn't work, but good luck
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    2011-10-19 11:02 PM