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  1. Awakening's Avatar
    hey guys! im kinda new to all of this and i just jail braked my ipod touch. i found the downloads section on here with some cool sliders and stuff. i can also make my own. so my question is how can i use the sliders etc. that i make and the ones i download on here? i have a mac and ipod touch 2g unlocked. i have cydia installed but i can only get sliders and backrounds that are already on there. Thanks for the help!
    2009-11-04 05:15 AM
  2. xedth2's Avatar
    Use ssh to get into the file system of your ipod.
    thats the file path where your themes are stored for winterboard.

    Good luck its not diffcult
    2009-12-26 04:48 AM
  3. Epitome's Avatar
    Hmm.. No jailbreaking?
    2009-12-27 05:53 AM