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    How to change the icons in settings(The Cydia installed apps like infiniboard) I've changed the regular one's Bundles/com.apple.Preferences but I can't figure out cydia's installed one's... Thanks in advanced...

    EDIT: I'm just trying to theme them through winterboard not change the originals...
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    2010-09-03 11:01 PM
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    In your theme folder, create a folder called Icons. Save your icon pngs in there, but they have to be named EXACTLY (i.e they are case-sensitive). For example, Youtube.png will not work, but YouTube.png will work. It just has to be the exact name of the app as it appears on your springboard. They have to be 60x60, but 120x120 for the iPhone 4.

    EDIT: Ooops, just read you wanted them for inside the Settings area. My bad.
    2010-09-05 10:07 PM