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    I'm new to this. I've had a iPods now since 2006. But my question do i add a theme to m ipod touch 4g? I don't even know where to begin. I'm gonna need step-by-step if someone is willing to help me. I am not that tech savy...
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    2010-10-10 07:37 PM
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    First off, to install anything, you need wireless internet.
    Getting Winterboard:
    Ok, first you have to open Cydia. This is where you get jailbreak stuff. On the bottom click the search tab. Search for winterboard (no space). Winterboard is what most themes are designed for. Click on the first thing that shows up. In the upper right corner click install, then confirm. Once it is done installing it will tell you to reboot (or restart springboard). Click this button. When it is done, you will have winterboard.
    Getting themes:
    Alright, now go back in Cydia and click on the Sections tab. Scroll down until you reach Themes. Browse here or in Themes(SpringBoa..) (the top one) to find a theme that you like. Once you think you want one, click it, wait for it to load, and scroll down to screenshots if you want (can also be More Info/Screenshots). If this is the theme for you, go back to the theme's main screen (the first one you saw specifically about that theme) and click "install" in the upper left corner. Then click confirm. Once it is done, click return to cydia. Exit Cydia.
    Enabling themes:
    Ok, now open up winterboard. the icon looks like blue with snowflakes. Click "Select Themes" and select your theme. Click "Winterboard" in the upper left hand corner, then click "respring". When it is done, your theme should appear.

    Warning:iOS 5 users-Some file names were changed in iOS 5, so some themes might not work.
    2011-11-20 04:12 AM
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    And I just wanted to clarify you have to have a jailbroken ipod. (Im not being sarcastic, i need to change my picture because people thing everything i say is mean ever since i changed it ().
    2012-01-25 10:47 PM