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    Ok, i have a ipod touch 4th gen jailbroke and themed but the entire theme isnt working. The wifi, battery, slider, status bar battery and other things are not changing but the other things are. I tried changing the name to @2x.png and @2x~iphone.png but neither are working. what do i have to do?
    2010-10-17 08:59 PM
  2. lolzyeahtech141's Avatar
    First, be specific with your questions so that you do not have to be asked. Second, what theme do you have and are you sure that you can stack the various features. Check out the description or more info to see how to install it.
    2010-10-20 04:20 AM
  3. Jakeallen09's Avatar
    Hello Gents,
    So I am having a similar issue as Josh. I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1. Pardon my lack of knowledge on this whole customizing thing, I'm new to it and trying to learn. Anyhow, I purchased the GT theme from Cydia and I installed it and found that only certain options worked. Those being the backgrounds, the colors for the SMS text screen, the loading bar, loading screen, she settings, the UI sounds. However, my keyboard, status bar, the cool themes for the dial pad, calc SMS, the fonts for everything and the locks screen no worky!! I have installed Fontswap and installed to no avail.. Also I run lockinfo if that makes a difference. Additionally, I noticed that when selecting what to install with Winterboard; I install just "GT" certain things such as the titles of apps disappear, work but others don't. And vice Versa if I install everything but the GT. What do I do to make everything work like it shows in he screen shots on Cydia??
    Thanks if ou have any questions shoot a reply or email me, [email protected]
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    2010-10-27 06:31 AM
  4. lolzyeahtech141's Avatar
    Check the description or more info tab to see if there it is possible to stack themes and they all work together without crashing. Or just wait for the next update
    2010-10-27 01:12 PM
  5. Jakeallen09's Avatar
    How often do they typically release updates??
    2010-10-27 05:01 PM
  6. thazsar's Avatar
    A lot of the 'extras' that are on older themes have to be renamed AND now they are placed in the UIImages folder instead of the com.apple.springboard folder. The @2x.png also needs to be used but simply copying & changing won't do the trick. You'll have to increase the images by 200% in Photoshop then apply via SSH.

    Sorry for the bad news....
    2010-10-27 05:12 PM
  7. Jakeallen09's Avatar
    Again sorry for my lack of knowledge but what exactly does that mean I need to do?? I need to change some Stuff from one folder to another? I can do that, but the @2x.png thing I don't follow.. Can u explain in more detail??
    2010-10-27 06:08 PM
  8. thazsar's Avatar
    No problem....this is long!!!

    For the retina display devices, there are the two image files that it needs to read so it can display the image in high resolution. First, it needs the original .png to identify 'what' it is going to display then it reads the @2x.png to identify 'how' it's going to display the original .png image.

    For your theme, you need to SSH into your phone and go to /var/stash/Themes/YOUR THEME and drag that theme folder onto your computer. At this point, you HAVE TO extract the folders from the theme so Photoshop can read them.

    You really need to have Photoshop because there is a function (under the File tab) that let's you Process Multiple Images. From there, you can choose the folder you want (which contains all the .png images) to extract from as well as a folder where the finished results will go. *Do not select Same As Source

    You can also auto-add '@2x' following the Original Document Name so you don't have to manually add them. You'll choose the file type as .png and increase the size by 200 Percent instead of increasing the pixel dimensions.

    I can give you more helpful info but this post is already way too long!!!
    2010-10-27 06:49 PM