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    So I have a iPod 3rd Gen 4.2.1 and I currently jailbroke with Redsn0w (tethered for my gen). Anyways I did everything this video said to do for setup: [ame=]YouTube - How to set up the Vista Perfection theme for iPod touch and iPhone[/ame]
    And so when I am the part where you have all of the apps organised exactly like the video, but when I apply the "iPod Touch" and "VistaPerfection" in winterboard, after it resprings the clock, weather, calender, and pictures the "gadgets" show up for them in the right spot. But after I go into winterboard and apply the individual things that say Vista Weather (1st), Vista Cal (2nd), Vista Clock (3rd), Vista Photo (4th) and then i respring and it's worth than before, all of the gadget things are not responding and stay frozen, and there is still shadows from the iBlank apps, and from where the lower taskbar are, and when i go into my categories it is still plain and black. Also none of my lower taskbar items work properly, the start icon just takes you to categories, not a pop-up like its supposed to, mail and music open to categories too. All my downloads that have to do with Vista Perfection are up to date. This is very frustrating because I spent A LOT of time trying to make it work, and this theme in my opinion looks cooler than all the other themes and I was really excited about it. Thanks
    2011-01-22 02:19 AM