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    Hey wata up guys. I'm nu I jus made this account but anyway I need sum1 that has alot of experience with this stuff that can help me out when I need it. I have a iPod 2g. I bought it from a friend and it was already jailbroken (I've had it 4 a week). Since I've had it I dowloaded alot of cool **** and even found out how to jailbreak it from I dd it bt I dnt kno if it worked lol it looks the same as b4. Also I've been trying to get the htc hd2 theme w/ animated weather, I already had it for my lockscreen bt I want it for my theme also. Sorry if I wrote 2 much I jus have alot of questions lol. PLEASE HELP !!!!!!
    2011-04-27 08:04 PM
  2. Im With ->Cydia's Avatar
    Do u have winterboard
    2011-07-27 07:13 AM