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    Hi there.
    I'm having some problems with EightOS SD Theme, witch is an awesome theme.
    For some reason, the clock, ipod and photo icons didnt appeared when the theme is activated.
    The calendar was the only one that worked, but not completely, and the weather icon didnt changed at all (is the same as in the original Ipod theme).

    I had some problems with other themes not showing the calendar or the weather or the background, but i just can't figure out why. Despite that, i accidentally installed a theme that required a newer iOS and the wheater and the calendar icons worked normally.

    So... I dont know what is happening. I followed this tutorial Free File Sharing Made Simple - MediaFire that is the official one, i suppose. Downloaded all the apps, except for iblank and blanknull.

    Since I have an old Ipod Touch 1G, I'm using iOS 3.1.3, upgraded with the leatest version of Whited00r.
    I've just upgraded it... so it doenst have many apps, so this are some of the programs that I had installed:

    -AppSync for iOS 3.1.x
    -Categories 2.99.9-2
    -Five Icon Dock
    -Iconoclasm for iOS 3.1.x
    -LockScreen Clock Hide
    -MyStrings 2.0.4-2-1
    -PerPage HTML 1.0.1 (but it wasnt enable)
    -SBSettings 5.2.2
    -TypoClock Builder (not activaded, ince i havent bought Clock Builder yet)
    -vWallpapper 1.14-1 for iOS3
    -Winter Board 0.9.3903

    Here is a photo of what i see with the theme activated:

    You can see that the photo icon, ipod icon and the clock are not being displayed (but they are there). The weather icon didnt change and the calendar does not display the month.

    Since I'm new to adding apps and those kind of things, i literaly spent all day trying to make it work. Sadly, I couldnt.

    I'm wondering if anybody can help me...!

    How it should be:

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