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    Hi guys this is my first post here, im look for some help because i downloaded an iacces theme for iacces 4.3.3 hopeing it would work for ios 5 it did but only after moving the theme file to the iacces/themes folder but then there was a problem iacces 5 includes the globe button in the botton left and the theme doesnt have (im no good at making keyboard themes ) the globe button so when i hit the [123] key to change keyboard to the one with numbers and signs it freezes up become unusable untile i respring and idea how to fix?

    ps i also bought color keyboard (legit) i lile it but iacces themes seem more detailed to me.
    Also bought iacces (legit) (12 bucks)
    ps all themes i found so far on cydia dont include the globe button at the bottom left one did but it still froze up forcing me to respring.

    so my spelling may not be 100% correct
    2012-11-25 04:21 AM