1. Simon's Avatar
    Don't think I tried that version. I used the latest 4.x version first then tried the 3.6.4 version.
    2013-06-18 12:15 AM
  2. Armand2REP's Avatar
    I tried this method back on iOS 6.1.2 and it worked. Since then I have updated to 6.1.3 and now 7.0 and the battery percentage is still there.
    2013-09-19 10:30 AM
  3. headsh0t95's Avatar
    This works completely different now. iTunes 11.1 is probably the culprit, it uses a new backup format with "domains" to store the contents of the backup.

    This is done on iPod touch 4g with iOS 6.1.3 (the max version for this device)

    You select the backup in iBackupbot
    Go to HomeDomain > Library > Preferences > com.apple.springboard.plist
    Follow the instructions given in the tutorial to add the SBShowBatterylevel key

    IF these lines are already in the file with <false/> under them, just change <false/> to <true/>

    When saving 2 errors about misformatted reals (with line numbers) pop up: Remove these lines with the <key> line above them. These lines are about screen brightness and adress book. Both seem to work OK after the restore.
    Then restore the device as mentioned in the tutorial
    Enjoy the battery percentage next to your battery. Tested this method and WORKS OK.
    Last edited by headsh0t95; 2013-10-14 at 12:31 PM. Reason: Additional information
    2013-10-14 12:17 PM
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