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    Hi. I am very frustrated right now because I just typed this all out (MUCh more than this) only to have it deleted, so I am going to make this short and sweet. So anyway, I am trying to make a lockscreen theme/tweak (I dont know what to call it, PLEASE dont steal my idea) that I call "***** Slap Unlock." So basically the concept is to be able to "smack" clipart of a woman's face (The "*****") and have it unlock your device. Right now, I am making it as simple as i think it could be, and this is what I need help creating. Basically I want to have the lockscreen background as the woman's face in the middle, with the lock screen slider thingy as a hand, with the whole "slide to unlock" box and everything around it removed. Now I want this to be in the middle, so the hand can "slap" the womans face. Ive already used a tutorial to (attempt to) create the theme part, right now I just need help removing the box and everything around it and making sure that everything I have done so far is right. Here is what I have done so far:!fcVnAQDR!LJHZ9S...wRfyVbo8nrbthY

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    I just realized that this is probably in the wrong section... Mods, if you deem it appropriate could you move it for me please?
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