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    Ok so I installed customize 1.12 on my iPhone. I got the iPod icon bug.. Not thinking its that big of a deal I try to move it to the dock from my "extended springboard" (when in rSBT it says that icon is on the first 12 springboard icons). No luck. After more messing with rSBT, my ipod icon is gone. Now im at the point where i just want it back, dont really care where its located. Again no luck. I try to launch "moblemusicplayer.app" from finder and nothing happens. Uh oh. I install "Dock" i can see the icon in the sunburst but when i select it nothing happens. Aaahhh!!!! If someone could help i would very thankfull.
    2007-10-14 08:35 PM
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    There are an additional two threads addressing this issue, please look here.


    Transformers Movie Sound Pack for your iPhone-HERE

    "300" Movie Sound Pack for your iPhone-HERE

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    2007-10-14 09:15 PM
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    thread moved!
    2007-10-14 09:18 PM