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  1. david555's Avatar
    Hi People,
    We recently were on a tour to some beautiful places and have a video record of this. All my friends are wiling to watch this on a DVD on the big screen but I need to convert the video files into DVD format. Can anyone provide me with a software/site that can make me watch this video with my friends as we wish!!!!
    2008-04-17 01:05 PM
  2. kizmet1313's Avatar
    Google search AVI To DVD converter
    or search whatever format your Video recorder is. Maybe its Divx,Mp4,. One thing these are all payed Programs so there is a limitation. I think it gives you only 5 sec of converting. Look for a crack and Enjoy
    2008-04-17 01:35 PM
  3. wearmaize's Avatar
    Just get on a mac and use iSquint and iDVD, if you have time. Quick and painless.
    I am Olim. We are Olim. And we just did this- together!
    2008-04-17 05:49 PM