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    Since modding my iphone (and loving it) I notice that the font display in areas such as the slider and and the sync message has changed.

    For example, the slider says "AWAY_LOCK..."
    The sync message at the top says "SYNC_IN_PROGRESS"

    I don't recall that it previously was all in caps, nor were there underscores between the words.

    I'm sure there is a logical and easy to fix answer, but I sure don't know what it is. Any help would be appreciated.

    Nevermind... I figured it out.

    But, for anyone else that encounters the same thing, here is how you "fix" it. It's not really totally evident at first look, which is why I couldn't see the obvious remedy even after poking around.

    Tap the Customize app, and select "SpringBoard Strings." Then, tap the "Revert to Backup" button. All is then back to the normal settings.

    Somehow, I must have messed around in there, and got things mucked up. I surely didn't select the text that WAS displaying, but now I know where I did it at!

    Hope this helps someone.
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