1. dragnandy's Avatar
    like in the title, does being in sleep mode waste batteries? the screens off and everything. like if im not listening to music and its in sleep mode then would it waste batteries?
    2008-04-30 06:13 AM
  2. blue solo 7's Avatar
    It doesnt really... it does a little from it needing to know what time it is and stuff, maybe if you have an app on it that runs while its in sleep mode that might also make it drain faster, but mine doesnt really drain when I put mine in sleep mode.
    2008-04-30 08:17 AM
  3. wearmaize's Avatar
    It will little by little. However, even if your iPod is fully off it will drain battery.
    Unless you are running apps with Insomnia or listening to Music, as long as you turn Wifi off you shouldn't notice a difference.
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    2008-04-30 08:06 PM