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  1. joey_loey13's Avatar
    Hey gangs, I found a way to set a high resolution wallpaper for the iPod touch. Not everybody knows that when you try to set a wallpaper from your Photo Albums, the iPod compresses that photo. Now you can't notice that so easily unless you gonna use a photo that has plain background and maybe some text on it. Example

    If you try to use that photo above as a wallpaper on your iPod, the iPod is gonna compress that photo and it would look awful, like this

    Here is a way to go over that "problem", you need:

    * Jailbroken iPod touch (I'm not sure if this method works on the iPhone)
    * OpenSSH and Services have to be installed on your jailbroken iPod
    * Configure your iPod with your favorite FTP client (I use CuteFTP 8 Professional)
    * A wallpaper of your choice

    I'm not gonna say how to jailbreak, or configure your iPod with the FTP client. You can search for that on the forum.

    On your computer, navigate to this path "/var/mobile/Library" using your FTP client

    Scroll down to the bottom

    There is only one photo in that directory with name "LockBackground.jpg"

    Replace that photo with any photo you like, but make sure to rename the photo you want to replace it with the same name "LockBackground.jpg"

    Reboot your iPod and you are done

    I hope you find this useful
    2008-04-30 09:40 AM
  2. wearmaize's Avatar
    Also make sure to do this:
    1) set permissions to 755 or 777.
    2) if your wallpaper does not show, don't scream and throw it at a wall, just respring (many apps will do this for you) or reboot your iPod
    I am Olim. We are Olim. And we just did this- together!
    2008-04-30 07:02 PM