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    Hello all how are you doing ?? i am almost completely new to the iPod Touch & iPhone modding scene... i will be receiving an iPod touch in 2 weeks and i have some questions...(my questions are based on what i am reading not that i have tried them on iTouch or iPhone, and Please Base your answers on the iTouch because thats what i'm getting

    1- After i go to the Jailbreakme website and Jailbreak my iTouch install appsnapp on it will i be needing any apps out of the list in appsnapp or are all the applications available for download there ??

    2- After i download anything from appsnapp will it be automatically installed and the app's icon will be visible on the Springboard ??

    3- There is this NES emulator which i think is kind of popular from what i am Reading...How do i get roms into the iTouch ??

    4- I read sometimes that some people have there applications crashing and not working and some replies were about Installing a "BSD" or something like that, How do i install it ??

    5- If questions 3,4 Have something to do with WinSCP can someone care to explain how to use WinSCP ??

    6- What is the name of the program that Allows you to have 2 pages on the SpringBoard and allows you to customize backrounds and such ??

    Sorry if i took so long hehehe... i am a noob so...
    2007-11-02 10:05 PM
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    1) "Appsnapp" really installs Installer. You can choose apps to install from the list of apps in Installer.

    2) Yes, Installer is automatically placed on the springboard.

    3) Probably most easily with SSH, you can search for how to do this.

    4) BSD Subsystem is available in Installer (make sure to install "Community Sources" first).

    5) I don't think they have anything to do with that...

    6) Summerboard; available through Installer.
    2007-11-03 01:00 AM
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    Thanks alot Ramm

    Is PuTTy a good SSH client ??
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    2007-11-03 03:15 AM
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    do you need wifi to use ssh?

    and if so is there another way to put the roms on the phone(from windows) without winSCP or iphonebrowser?
    2007-11-03 03:25 AM
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    iShare on your phone
    send space on your computer
    2007-11-03 04:20 AM