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    Hi All,

    I have searched for this answer but did not find it.

    If I change my PDA (diary, contacts, notes, etc.) from my current Qtek 9100 PDA/phone to my Ipod Touch I will need first a way to back-up the total contents on the Ipod Touch. A proper back-up outside the Ipod itself (not on it, could exclude the music) on my PC is an absolute must as it could break down, be stolen, be lost, disappear in the bath, etc. and I can't afford all the information to get lost.

    I have not (yet) seen an application to make a back-up on a PC of all the information on an Ipod that can be restored "with the click of a key".

    Does such an application exist, and if not what is the best way around to do this ?

    Thanks in advance and bye,

    Itamar Engelsman
    London, UK
    2008-05-02 02:37 PM
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    There's an app called TimeCapsule but it's not a 1-click backup. You can use it to back up various application data (Maps cache, maps bookmarks, YouTube bookmarks, Safari bookmarks, contacts, etc) with 1 click. Then you could SSH into your iPod with an FTP client (like WinSCP or CuteFTP Pro) and copy the backed up files that TimeCapsule made onto your PC.

    If something goes wrong on your iPod and you restore, install TimeCapsule again and put those backed up files onto your iPod in the correct folder and restore using TimeCapsule. That's the best that I've seen.
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