1. Bud8brian's Avatar
    I have a jailbroken iphone running firmware 1.1.4 right now. I have installer on it and have downloaded some different apps. Last night I got around to getting the NES and SNES emulator on my phone and followed some online instructions on how to add games to them. This went fine and I now have games loaded on each emulator. Only problem is at some point this caused my ipod function and itunes on the iphone to become disabled. When I touch the ipod key or itunes key on my iphone it just comes up with a blank screen and backs right out of it. Itunes software on my computer does not recognize the iphone at all, but it does come up when the phone is connected to the USB port. Drivers in windows are working fine. By the way I used Winscp to add the games to the emulators. I checked my free space on the iphone and I have 7.1GB available out of a possible 7.3GB. So obviously Itunes is gone. I had about 1250 songs on there, it is backed up in my itunes software as of 9:32 pm last evening. Can anyone help??? Contact me through here or me email is [email protected]

    2008-05-03 09:38 PM
  2. jfmsam's Avatar
    Check your permissions on your /Applications path.

    Quickest way out is to back up your data (apps & ROMs) and restore.
    2008-05-05 03:48 AM