1. cornpuff369's Avatar
    i recently tried to do the tweak where you get the one ipod.app instead of music and video but when i did it when connected through winscp my applications folder was missing so i force restored at and now my N45AP.plist in the springboard folder doesn't have all the stuff it used to so if someone could please post a downloadable modded N45AP.plist that has the ipod.app it would be much appreciated
    2007-11-20 11:07 PM
  2. lasset's Avatar
    2007-11-22 11:56 AM
  3. cornpuff369's Avatar
    thanks i got the file and followed step by step the ultimate guide to do it on ipodtouchfans.com but now i don't have an ipod icon or music or video
    2007-11-22 06:48 PM