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    OK, so, Stacks is finally in installer, but i cant get it to work. I'm running 1.1.4 at the moment, and i can download it, but when i hit "install Stack" it says "Unable to Write Springboard Configuration." I'm not sure where to get The .app folder so i can install manually either, and i've been looking for a while. If anyone has the files, a rapid$hare link would be good. or any tips on getting it working. Thanks.

    EDIT: ooh, my bad. its only stackcontroller... so i guess i do still need the files... :]
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    search the forums for an improved, revised stacks. It has all the files you need to install. Its definatley less buggy. No garbled screen on boot-up, much faster, doesn't show up in categories folders in the background. Apps even seem to load faster than just clicking an icon. Also proper controls to edit which apps/folders you want in the stack now exist. One bug: it doesn't start automatcally. Every time you boot or respring you must restart the stack daemon manually.
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