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    hey how u guys doing....well like a i upgraded 2 1.1.2, i search threw these forums and found a software 2 down grade my ipod, the forum says to click restore than click the downgrade application i downloaded. and it does the whole restoring process when everything is done my software shows 1.1.2....u guys have any other ideas how i can down grade???... plz help me...thanks!!
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    2007-12-13 09:13 PM
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    Did you hold down shift on a pc or option on a mac and select the firmware file you downloaded?

    Hold down the button while you click restore so you can tell itunes which file to restore to.
    2.2 pwned!!
    2007-12-13 09:52 PM
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    It is recommended you upgrade to 1.1.2......after you prep for it.
    2007-12-14 01:41 AM
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    wat u mean exactly??...when i press restore click shift so i can choose??

    thanks i got it!
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