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    About two months ago, I reiceved an iPod nano 4G and I was really happy with it for a while. But then I found the iPod touch. That gorgeous display, all those apps, and its touchable touch screen, I have to have her. But seeing as I already have one, I am afraid I would be wasting too much money. Any suggestions?
    2008-01-09 04:31 AM
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    First post so Hi all

    Yes its worth it, i got mine as a Christmas present... Already had an IPod so i want too sure i would get too much out of it but this is one of the coolest devices i've owned and im a bit of a gadget freak, i have a PSP, numerous pocket PC's IPODs and none of them compare, well the PSP kicks in the games department but.

    On its own its quite cool though without tactile buttons its function as a music player is not quite as good as the nano or classic ipod but still very good. Watching video on the iTouch is great and Mobile Safari is the best browser i've ever seen on a mobile device, it handles most websites with ease as long as there isnt too much fancy flash stuff. Oh and youtube mobile is hours of entertainment just like on the computer.

    Once jailbreaked though the iTouch becomes one very powerful device, full PDA functionality, VNC, telent, shh, PDF viewer, email etc etc. With the BSD core the possibilities are endless and i can see some very cool things to come in the future for this relatively new device. The design and OS are quite impressive once you crack it open especially if you are familiar with UNIX/Linux.

    Hope this helps

    oh yeah if you can get the iPhone where you live that is obviusly a better choice, the olny thing I hate about the Itouch is having to carry a phone as well.
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    2008-01-10 07:37 AM
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    thanks for the input

    with all the info I gathered, I think i'll get one

    I got the Fiyaa!
    2008-01-10 11:41 PM
  4. ankitsid's Avatar

    im telling you man
    dont do it

    hahah oh well
    2008-01-12 02:38 AM
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    If you mean that you are going to get an ipod touch AS WELL AS keeping the nano it is not worth it. your better off keeping the nano and buying a dedicated video player/internet tablet/whatever you want from the ipod touch.

    or you could trade in your ipod nano and get an ipod touch

    if you do trade in your ipod nano i would say the touch is definately worth it

    oh and by ipod nano 4g do you mean ipod nano 3g? or an ipod video/classic?
    2008-01-12 01:46 PM
  6. ankitsid's Avatar
    he meant the newest nano

    but i dont think this is worth talking about anymore
    im sure hes gonna get one anyways
    hes gonna have it easy too
    with a mac and all
    2008-01-12 08:44 PM
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    Yeah I mean a new one with video. Actually, i'm trying to get a buyer at my school. And ankit likes to eat PB and J in his PJs. Just so you know.

    I got the Fiyaa!
    2008-01-13 04:34 AM
  8. ankitsid's Avatar
    hey olives
    shut updickwad

    that and how much u wanna sell for?
    i might buy it from u for serious
    2008-01-13 06:54 AM