1. crackhead's Avatar
    I'd like to view a local page hosted via Apache when not connected via WiFi, but Safari freaks out because no IP Address is assigned when there's no network. Is it possible to force a self-assigned IP address with some sort of commandline voodoo? Maybe an ifconfig command? I'm surprised http://localhost doesn't work.

    I also think being able to use a local TiddlyWiki (http://tiddlywiki.com/) on the iPod Touch would be phenomenal. But again, I'd need to be able to access the filesystem in Safari. Does anyone know if a local URL is allowed, and if so, what would I use to access the filesystem?
    2008-01-10 07:21 AM
  2. berky93's Avatar
    to view things with apache, the address is
    2008-01-13 10:03 PM