1. yomommah's Avatar
    i had to restore my itouch 2 fricken times 2day within a few hrs cuz it would keep goin all strobe-y after i rebooted it and i couldnt figure out why. but ive figured it out! its screenshot 1.2.1!!! DO NOT install it and reboot or even respring your pod or it will go all strobe-y and youll have no choice but to restore!!! i hope that the owner of this (erica i think) fixes this cuz its even more annoying as a unjailbreakable firmware!
    2008-01-13 01:23 AM
  2. patrickj's Avatar
    Sorry you had to restore twice - that sucks.
    On the iPhone, I've seen the strobe-y flashing a couple times when a forced / unexpected reboot happened with Screenshot active - but never to a point where I needed to restore - was always able to get back in and disable it. I try hard now to make sure the app is always shut off as soon as I'm done using it.
    It's Robota Softwarehouse who develop it ...
    2008-01-13 02:21 AM