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    Ok, I got PureFTPd for my iTouch so I could further mod and skin my files on there, seeing as iSpit and a few of the server clients on there only work one way, I need a file management system to edit and rearrange my iTouch files, as well as upload file to it, and I figured out quickly that PureFTPd is quite possibly the only program in existence built to run off anything BUT windoze. So anyways, I'm looking for a FTP client that WILL work both ways, or at least set up a server that will give me the port, i.p., username and password to connect with SmartFTP or WinSCP.

    EditZ: Don't give me any "just enter you IP addy into WinSCP" please, I followed the guide perfectly and I get this every time:

    EditZZ: I've figured it out on my own no thanks to the kind community here, but ironically enough to Xbox Live Customer Support. Ya I know, I'm scared too.

    The problem was with my Belkin Wireless router and the problem has been addressed thoroughly. Tommorow when I get my Touch back I'll experiment a bit, then write up an alternate SSH wiki for other people using belkin routers.

    *unofficial LOCK*
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