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    Symptoms of this infuriating problem:
    -When you click your Music/Videos/iPod icon, it says "No Content" even though it says all your stuff is there when connected to iTunes.
    -Purchased apps crash upon selecting from the springboard, even though cracked apps work fine.

    Some people say that deauthorizing their computer, then reauthorizing it, then syncing, helped. Many say it didn't. There is one proven solution that is widely accepted. It's a PAIN IN THE ***, but it's worth it. I did it, and it worked great.
    The problem has been traced to something the newest version of iTunes does to your ipod/iphone when you restore it.

    1. Close iTunes. Fine the iTunes folder in My Pictures. Rename it to something else such as "iTunes Backup".
    2. Find a place to download iTunes 7.7, or, to be more specific, While that's downloading, uninstall your current version of iTunes (if you just try using the install wizard, it gives you an error message because you have a more recent version).
    3. Use the install wizard and make sure that the content folder is set as what it was before you renamed it.
    3. After it's installed, BEFORE STARTING ITUNES, rename the iTunes folder you renamed earlier to its original name.
    4. Start iTunes. It should have your whole library if you did it right.
    5. Go to the Settings app on your ipod/iphone. Navigate to General>Reset, and select Erase All Content And Settings. You will get the Apple logo and a progress bar below it. This part took me 3 or 4 hours, so I reccomend doing it while it's charging, then going to sleep, going out, watching a movie, etc.
    6. (Optional) Restore your ipod/iphone to your preferred firmware version (2.0.2 works great) using iTunes. (Since you reset content and settings, I'm not sure if this is needed, but you can if you want to be extra safe)
    7. Jailbreak and Sync your ipod/iphone; doesn't matter which comes first.

    You're done.

    Note: On a Mac, there are some files you have to delete before you uninstall, but I'm a PC guy and don't know what those are. I can look that up later and post back here if anybody wants.

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    2008-09-08 12:05 AM