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    help!! i've been playing around with my ipod for nearly 4hrs now and am getting a but frustrated. i just jailbroke my ipod touch today and installed NES, PSX, and Genesis emulators onto it. however, now i dont know how to get roms onto my ipod. i've been searching the internet for hours for codes and sources to add. every one i've added and/or tried has either failed or cannot connect. some are not even in existence. every video i've seen on youtube, the ipod installer on my ipod looks nothing like what i see in every video. when i open the games folder in installer, the only downloads are adikus backgammon and adikus pool. yet everyone seems to have way more when i watch all the vids. could someone please explain to me step by step (you'd be surprised how many people skip steps in these intructional videos) how to find roms and install them (ie, what to do, what folders to look in, etc) thank you! i would greatly appreciate it.

    p.s i'm running 2.1 firmware if that helps anything
    2008-10-28 04:54 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    Downloading free roms is WAREZ.

    We DO NOT allow warez on this site. Thread closed.
    2008-10-28 05:22 AM