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    i know im kinda new here but ok theres this really big contest going on at the ZodTTD Homebrew Forums that the forum leader (ZodTTD) is giving away to 2 lucky winners or possible more depending on the circumstances, his iJoyPads (he only has 10)that he made himself. The iJoyPads are used to be able to play ZodTTD's Emulators on the iPhone and iPod Touch with ease. About every single active member (which theres alot!) are participating in this contest. Some are predicting i will win cuz im so helpful on those forums. The contest rules are to spread the word about ZodTTD and to invite new members to the forums. What i want you guys to do, if your interested in registering on the site, to be put me Nitrous, as your referrer. the link to the the site is ZodTTD: Home Of Homebrew - Powered by vBulletin
    I hope you guys can help me be one of the contest winners! Heres the complete contest rules.

    Originally Posted by zodttd View Post
    So you've heard that I have a few near-production quality gamepads for the iPhone and iPod Touch after seeing this video. Sure it's not as good as an iControlPad, but I understand you still want one...

    Here's your chance to win one in a friendly event! Participate in the forums, bring in new members, and spread the word of Post on your blog, your myspace, your facebook, and your twitter. For a select few that helped build the ZodTTD community, I will reward them with a free iJoyPad as seen the video.

    Right now I have two (2) iJoyPads set aside for this event, one for each winner. Depending on how large the turnout is, I will change this number.

    Winners will be chosen on Saturday the 22nd. So to qualify sure to:
    #1. Be registered here!
    #2. Make a reply to this thread!
    #3. Participate in the forums with posts relative to the discussion. Topics include Apple iPhone & iPod Touch (Homebrew/AppStore) Software, Homebrew Software Development, Software Porting, Console and Handheld Gaming.
    #4. Build the community by bringing friends to ZodTTD. Do this by word of mouth, posting to your blog, posting to your MySpace/FaceBook. Make YouTube videos... Just don't sit and wait, spread the word!

    I'm counting on you, don't fail me now!
    2008-11-09 08:51 PM
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    Someone could just make a bunch of emails and then register
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    2008-11-13 01:00 AM

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