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  1. SamBraidley's Avatar
    With it's amazing UI, features and more...
    The iPod Touch really is going to sell well, but the one thing that could make it even better is that if you can get app's to work on it, which some have said it easy (due to using the same OS!), with a little tweaking.
    I think that if they can make a Word Processor for the iPhone & iPod Touch, then iPod touch will become a PDA like device, with other app's too it really could make the best iPod ever.
    Also one more thing that could have made it better is a camera, think about it, although it would cost more and be more like the iPhone it would be great as a little 8mm thin camera.

    Just wondering if anyone knows of current word processors for the iPhone in or finished development for the iPhone, which could be ported to the iPod Touch.

    I'm pre-ordering mine soon!
    2007-09-06 05:46 PM
  2. UponFirstListen's Avatar
    FLAC/Ogg support would certainly help. Any chance of this happening, considering they're running mini Mac OS?
    2007-09-06 08:22 PM
  3. jstennis1591's Avatar
    Mobile TextEdit for iphone.......get it on
    2007-09-06 09:50 PM