1. TheConArtist's Avatar
    The iPodtouch is missing many of the apps found in the iPhone such as:
    1. notes
    2. google maps
    3. weather widget
    4. stocks widget

    i read that the apps that the iPodtouch does have are the same (or very similar) as the ones on the iphone - so would it be possible to copy the iphone apps, post them on the interet so that touch users can download and install them?
    Is anyone nice enough to upload these for us future touch owners?

    Why apple included the youtube widget (which is of little utillity compared to the other apps) and not the rest of the apps is a mystery to me. I understand the lack of phone and camera related apps, but come on apple! I guess apple doesn't want to cannibalize or compete with the iphone directly, but software can and will be modded by the 3rd party community anyways, so why didn't apple include these apps? The launcher / home scren of the touch looks empty. Apple, don't make these stupid decisons!

    again, Is anyone nice enough to upload the missing iphone apps for us future touch owners?
    2007-09-07 03:20 PM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    As soon as I get one (as soon as it comes out) I will work on getting those apps on there. Once we've got it figured out, we will gladly share them.

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    2007-09-07 05:15 PM