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  1. gtasa's Avatar
    HELP!!! My warranty is over over and my headphone jack recently stopped working! I need help. I have $80 skullcandy T.I and i don't want to get new ones. im sure They work but i need help! Sometimes they both work but usually i have to do a bunch of crap just to get both of them to work! I live in a redneck town and the apple store is a 2 hour drive. the skullcandy's work cause ive tried them on another ipod touch! Its jailbroken on 2.2 and it is an ipod touch 1G. HELP!!!!!! on By The Way IM ONLY 13!!! IM PISSED OFF CAUSE IVE TRIED EVERYTHING!
    2008-12-30 12:54 AM
  2. Jeckel's Avatar
    No need to go crazy. Are you sure the headphones work on everything but this device? Shine some light into the jack, is there a pink strip (sign of water damage) or is it white? When did it first start going haywire, what were you/it doing? Do other headphones work without issue?
    2008-12-30 04:38 PM

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