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    Hear ye, Hear ye!

    I, like so many of you, was seeking a reasonable and convenient way to extend my iPod usage while traveling and without having to pack all those extras. I currently use my Imaxpower 5000mAh battery pack for traveling with my iPod Touch and my wife's iPod Nano. After a lengthy search for a convenient battery source for our iPods and my iPod Touch we came upon the Imaxpower battery pack IMP500. The web site videos were thorough, complete, and made the operation of charging or using while charging for our iPods very simple. After acquiring one, it is as simple as it appears and after two weeks of charge, play to expend, and recharge, it continues to work brilliantly, both for recharging and using while our iPods charge. On the older 40gb iPod Photo we got four full charges from one charge of the Imaxpower battery pack. While we have no photos only around 2000 songs, my play cycle is about 8 to 10 hours per charge. I am having similar positive results with my new 2nd generation 16gb iPod Touch. With several long distance airline trips in the near future, I can rest assured that we will be listening for many hours because of the Imaxpower IMP500. Best of all: Currently $59.00 which includes the adapter on their website.
    2009-03-18 11:47 PM
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    2009-04-16 08:49 PM