1. Chanabra's Avatar
    It was released early, will it be shipped earlier?

    Or am I screwed and have to wait 2 weeks while the people that didn't plan ahead waltz into the Apple Store and get it?
    2007-09-16 03:16 AM
  2. itssweeney's Avatar
    Ehhh that's what I was worried about. I ordered mine on the 8th and while some people I read who ordered them the day they came out had the order status changed from "Not yet shipped" to "Prepared for Shipment," nothing changed on mine. I called up to Best Buy and they had 8 of the 16gb's in stock so I took a quick run up there to get it instead of waiting til potentially October :-x
    2007-09-16 03:22 AM
  3. mssm's Avatar
    Congrats! Which one did you ordered : 8 or 16 GB?

    Please post some pics and your experience after you get it.
    2007-09-16 11:49 AM