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    new at this.. kinda need help, ipod's stuck in that screen your ipod's like when yu first get it, the usb cable connecting to itunes.. i unno what happened by my ipod just like didnt like me or something and went to that screen. cant connect to itunes cuz it says i have a pass and i need to enter it to continue or w/e.. anywayss im stuck, help would be appreciated thankssssss..
    2009-05-06 02:55 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    Moved to correct forum.
    2009-05-06 02:58 AM
  3. Jeckel's Avatar
    You can put the device in DFU mode and then restore and all should be right.
    2009-05-06 09:23 PM
  4. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Yup, you'll have to put in dfu mode and restore.
    Step 1. Turn off iPhone/iPod

    Step 2. Hold down the power and home button.

    Step 3. When you see the Apple logo, release the power button but continue holding the home button down.

    Step 4. Open iTunes and wait for it to tell you that itís in restore mode.

    Alternative Method:

    Step 1. Connect iPhone/iPod to USB then listen to the sound when it connect and disconnect.

    Step 2. Hold the home and power buttons until hear the disconnect sound then release power button.

    Step 3. Wait until you hear another sound then release home button.
    2009-05-06 11:11 PM
  5. fix_my_pod_yo's Avatar
    thanksss, alternative way workeddd
    2009-05-07 12:28 AM
  6. IvanPK's Avatar
    nooo problemmmm
    2009-05-07 12:31 AM
  7. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    thanksss, alternative way workeddd
    You welcome my friend.
    2009-05-07 12:33 AM
  8. fix_my_pod_yo's Avatar
    ahhhh.. ffs, its back again :S .. i did chnage it to dfu mode but it says like update your itunes, i have itunes 8.1v and couldnt find a better version.. is there better or is my pod tricking moi ? help would be appreciated..
    2009-05-07 05:52 AM
  9. Jeckel's Avatar
    So, it went back to restore mode? Or is it simply asking for a passcode? When it says, 'update your iTunes,' is that when you're trying to update or restore? What version is the device on/was on? Which generation is it?
    2009-05-07 09:10 PM
  10. fix_my_pod_yo's Avatar
    er... goodneesss bombard me with q's.. umm well i put it in dfu and tryed restoring it,, and it said "saftware for this ipod is unavailbe. Make sure you have the latest version of itunes and try again". i have v8.1 .. iunno if theres a newer v. itunes or what.. umm.. 2G im pretty sure ..

    eff.. ? rofl.. this prolly sounds pethetic and effin retarded but it like fixed itself :S like i took it out of dfu and then it lets me restoree w/o entering a pass or w/e .. messed shizz but thxx for yur helpp
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    2009-05-07 10:37 PM