1. xxtoni's Avatar
    Well the last few weeks i had some real problems with my itouch (first gen)
    The problems are
    1)I cant connect to my ad-hoc network,since i installed 3.0 i just cant connect to ad-hoc (i am using Vista) it connects for like 10-15 sec and just disconnects
    2)The other problem would be that i only have mono sound,when i connect my headphones i only hear sound in one ear (and no its not a problem with the headphones when i connect them to my laptop they work just fine...)
    3)The last problem i detected this morning,yesterday everything was workin fine,i was listening to some music on my ipod and gone to bed...
    I wake up this morning and want to listen to some music and when i connect my speaker and the volume control disappears and it sayes
    "Dock Connector"
    i just plugged it in again and started working but i thought i better write it if it happens again so i know whats going on
    Hope you can help me with these problems
    Kind Regards
    2009-07-02 02:28 PM