1. TheCrow13's Avatar
    I have my iPod Touch 8gb 1st gen. set up like the Delnoch themes, and have been set up like this for almost a year with no issues. Today my iPod has just one issue and that is that the Settings button will not open?? I have it turned ON in Categories like I have these as well, Mail/Calendar/Cydia/Weather/Settings/iPod/Winterboard/Apps./Games/Safari. So I am at a loss and would like anyones help that is experienced in this form of theme, very much appreciated.

    2009-08-29 06:19 AM
  2. Jeckel's Avatar
    If it's the theme, have you tried disabling the theme to be sure?
    2009-08-29 02:22 PM
  3. TheCrow13's Avatar
    Thanks anyway buddy, I appreciate the response but it was a corrupted game I downloaded and it affected my Springboard. I got rid of the game (Tank something or other) and it is fine now, but I should have known better because the game was not by any real members like ***hammer.
    2009-08-29 06:52 PM