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  1. exp1icitc0nt3nt's Avatar
    Thanks for any help that anyone can offer in advance. I have searched through the Blackberry Tethering for Mac Sticky figuring it would be close. I also googled what I'm looking for, but haven't seen any cases that have been successful.

    I am trying to use my Blackberry Curve's bluetooth connection to pair with the Ipod Touch 2nd Gen 3.0 Firmware that offers bluetooth also, which would hopefully allow me to use my Blackbeery Curve Edge connection for the Ipod Touch.

    I can pair the Curve and the Ipod Touch together, the curve recognizes it as my ipod and says that it is connected. However, the touch shows the Blackberry 8310 device, but it says not connected.

    I have seen alot of WMrouter stuff with Windows Smart Phones, but im not trying to connect through wifi. If anyone has had a successful experience with this or may know anything, I definitely appreciate the assistance!
    2009-09-02 02:33 AM
  2. Frostbite's Avatar
    I could be wrong but I do not think you can donate wifi or internet over bluetooth, although it does sound cool.
    2009-09-02 07:54 PM