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    Ok, so a while back my screen cracked on my ipod touch and I replaced it with another one that I got on the internet. Everything worked fine for a while until my ipod wouldn't connect to the computer. I pressed restore all data and setting on my ipod and it has the "connect to itunes" screen on it.

    Here are the statistics of what is happening:
    -iPod Touch 1st gen 16gb
    -Charges fine when is plugged into the wall (I still can't use it though because of itunes screen)
    -Will only charge with the computer when the battery is completely dead and doesn't charge after it reboots and is plugged in.
    -Won't Connect to itunes.

    Thats pretty much it.

    I really need help with this becuase I don't have the money to get a new one.
    2010-02-26 04:51 PM