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    ok, my ipod touch 8gb 3G firmware 3.1.2. was out of battery and it shut down. I knew how to reboot because my ipod was already jailbroken. When I plugged my ipod into my Windows XP computer itunes came up and it said ipod is on recovery mode and u need to restore it, but i closed it out cuz i knew it was gonna erase all my data. So I opened up the blackra1n program but it said "missing qtcf.dll component." I was searching through lists of where i can download qtcf.dll i put it in C://WINDOWS/system32. Then I thought blackra1n would work but then it said "cannot find entry point of qtcf_cfunichargetunicodepropertydataforp… I have been doing everything to do for this blackra1n to start up but it won't. Right now i've been spending days. I really don't want to restore from itunes because it'll erase my cracked apps and I forgot to back it up. plz plzplzplz somebody help.
    2010-02-28 01:27 AM
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    Sounds like blackra1n is having a problem on your computer alone so try blackra1n on a different computer. However if you do end up restoring serves you right for having cracked apps, support developers and they will support you.
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    2010-03-04 02:53 AM