1. urorrur'r'r's Avatar
    to begin with i have an ipod touch, 8GB running 3.1.2, and trust me i've tried everything i have found on forums and such relating to this topic but i cannot find anyone with the same exact problem as me.

    my touch screen won't work, on almost all applications. for some reason it works fine on cydia, safari, ipod, mail, and youtube. but on everything else, it has this odd glitch where it responds to random clicks to random places.

    i have tried shutting down and powering up a few days later as suggested in a youtube video, i tried reinstalling mobilesubstrate, i uninstalled the most recently installed apps, nothing works and im getting irritated.

    has anyone else ran into this?
    2010-03-15 02:46 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    I would try restoring using a freshly downloaded copy of the firmware.
    2010-03-15 05:10 AM