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  1. nebneb0101's Avatar
    When I do a screen capture on my iPod touch (3rd gen 3.1.2) it doesn't save the image.

    And when I save an image from safari it doesn't show either.

    -Using 3.1.2 with blackrain-

    This happened after reinstalling my iPod and resyncing my backed-up data with itunes (i had picture saved from my previous installation wich was also on 3.1.2 with blackrain) The previously captured and saved images are there but i can't add more...
    2010-03-18 02:43 AM
  2. Frostbite's Avatar
    This happened to a friend of mine. Re-sync and uncheck the photos box. Than check it again and re-sync, that fixed it for him
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    2010-03-19 02:45 AM