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    Ok i looked for a answer from a while if you happen to know a link please provide it.

    Im a long time reader and jailbroken alot of iPods and iPhones but im having a strange issue.

    After i jailbroken my non-MC model iPod touch 2G with redsn0w FW 3.1.3 playing with apps listening to music for 2days i wake up and its stuck at the apple logo im assuming it rebooted by it self.

    So i fixed it and again it got stuck at the apple logo im wondering if its a hardware issuse or is it a software issue using redsnow should i revert to 3.1.2? any answers would be thanked.

    Also it seems i posted this in the wrong forum if a Admin can move for me thanks.
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    2010-04-01 09:51 PM
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    I would go back to 3.1.2. I have a MB model 2g iPod as well but i smashed my screen Most of the time when it gets stuck at the Apple logo you just have to put it into DFU mode and re-jailbreak. It has happened to me a few times and that has sorted it out. What version of Redsn0w are you using?
    2010-04-09 07:33 PM