1. TheRedEye's Avatar
    "This application has failed to start because ASL.dlll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."
    What does this mean? Thats what I get when I open blackrain.
    Ive tried opening blackrain again, but I keep getting the same thing..
    And also.. My computer was completely wiped of everything, files and all..
    So, I had to re-install iTunes.. Could that be a problem? What do I do?
    2010-04-03 03:08 AM
  2. Effenpig!'s Avatar
    Download blackrain again?
    2010-04-03 03:12 AM
  3. RTAgent5's Avatar
    I assume that you updated iTunes to version 9.1. The new version tries to deny jailbroken iPods and iPhones from accessing it. Go to ih8sn0w.com and look at the top of the page. Download blackbreeze, and run it. Follow directions from there. That should fix you up.
    2010-04-03 03:55 AM
  4. carsonkevin43's Avatar
    I think blackgrain doesn't compatible on your computer that's why all you files are deleted. I think that apps crash your files in the computer.
    2010-05-04 07:11 AM
  5. cobmostang's Avatar
    i think im going to have to agree with effinpig...since it says "re-installing it may fix this problem"
    Anything is possible, you just have to put the time & effort into it.
    2010-05-10 05:44 AM
  6. Dainen's Avatar
    I had the same problem, I just downloaded and installed blackrain again and it worked. I Have the newest itunes and never had a problem as RTAgent5 posted.
    2010-05-11 01:07 AM
  7. Aero26's Avatar
    Are you sure its in the right place? I haven't blackra1ned in a while(spirit man) but it had to be in a specific folder in your itunes. Just search you PC for the missing file and place blackrain in that folder. Make sure you have all your iTunes files.

    Then again, I might be stating the obvious.
    2010-05-23 10:20 AM
  8. Dainen's Avatar
    @ TheRedEye: seeing how you had to download the newest itunes, You have to put blackrain in an itunes folder to make it start like Aero 26 said. But more info on it. Once you get your blackrain.exe go to your local disk (C then go to "Program Files" then "Common Files" go to "Apple" then put the blackrain.exe into the "Apple Application Support" file. make a shortcut to your desktop to run the .exe and BAM your done and your ipod is once again all good. Hope this helps
    Everything you do is by your own hand. Respect is key and it should always be shown.
    2010-05-23 09:32 PM