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  1. xliu33's Avatar
    I'm trying to download themes from this website, but how do i transfer it to my ipod touch?do i just sync?
    and its jailbroken already with cydia installed
    2010-05-20 04:40 PM
  2. TheBoss013's Avatar
    You need to get openssh on your ipod and a scp client(like winscp3 for windows) on your computer then simply drop the theme file into the theme folder.
    2010-05-20 06:25 PM
  3. xliu33's Avatar
    downloaded the latest version of winscp and got openssh....but still can't do it. I have 3.1.3 is that a problem?
    2010-05-20 06:51 PM
  4. TheBoss013's Avatar
    Your firmware should not be a problem. What exactly can you not do? Will the theme just not copy or what? Or does openssh just not work? Need more info.
    2010-05-21 01:32 AM
  5. xliu33's Avatar
    well i downloaded both, but read that wincsp needed a key generator or something, and i have openssh but it does not have a icon on its own.
    I just drag and drop right?not through i tunes?because i couldn't just drag and drop from c:

    by the way how do i get the username and password for wincsp?

    actually think i got it...i was entering the router # and not the ip...sorry..but thanks man
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    2010-05-21 03:52 AM
  6. TheBoss013's Avatar
    In case you didnt get it its just your ip address and alpine. Then just drop it in themes and your good
    2010-05-21 06:25 PM