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    I'm interested in buying an iTouch basically for internet usage with the WiFi and for games.

    Wanted to ask a few questions so I can determine which iTouch to buy.

    1. Can all the iTouch devices, from either gen, be jailbroken and modified with themes, sounds, etc?

    2. Is every game that is available on iPhone, available to play in any iTouch model?

    3. If I want to buy an iTouch for just internet usage and all the games it has, and also be able to mod it with themes\skins, which iTouch should I get? iTouch 8GB 1st gen, or 2nd gen? Is there a meaningful difference?

    These are all the questions I can think of for now.

    Thank you in advance!
    2010-06-05 09:50 PM
  2. Frostbite's Avatar
    At this time ALL iDevices are jailbreakable on ALL firmwares with spirit

    The vast majority of apps are available on all iDevices, however there are some that only work on the later models.

    The differences between the 1st generation and 2nd are signifigant, however the differences between the 2nd and 3rd are as minimal as speed. For more details consault wiki here
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    2010-06-06 04:55 AM