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  1. nhykki's Avatar
    Hi. I'm a newbie here. I just got an ipod touch 3rd gen. I had it jailbroken & installed some apps to it. My problem is that i don't have a WIFI at home and all the applications i want to download needs to be wifi connected. I have downloaded winscp in my pc but the prob is it needs an IP address so i can access my ipod thru it so i wasn't able to use it. Is there a browser where i can connect my ipod via usb/computer? Is it possible to download some apps like Fontswap, MakeItMine, Music colors, Winterboard themes and others thru the ipod browser with no wifi connection or without installing the apps thru cydia?

    Your help will be very much appreciated. Thanks!
    2010-06-13 02:09 PM
  2. Tamkis's Avatar
    If you mean an ipod file-browser. There are plenty of those out there. I would recommend i-funbox, which is what I use. Google it. But other than that, I do not know how to download JB .deb app packages without cydia/rock/ice. But I think I know how to install them without cydia/rock/ice.

    If you could somehow get .deb packages without cydia/rock/icy and wifi, then you should be able to install iFile, which is a mobile iPod file-browser app. It opens many file types, including .deb packages, which it will install upon opening.

    The closest I can get to getting .deb packages without wifi, is to goto the "Cydia Apps" tab from the navigation bar for this site. From there, you can see the RSS feed of many repositories' new JB stuff, but you can't download there at least to my knowledge.

    Seriously, you should really get a wifi router, or at least use your neighbors connections. If it has WEP connection, just hack it. Don't ask me how, that's warez.
    2010-06-14 02:05 AM